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Thanks for your interest in applying for our Volunteer Service Program. I believe that acts of service helping to relieve human suffering are important, necessary, and invaluable. So much can be received from the experience too - new friendships, new perspectives, and even a new attitude or way of being in the world. In college, I had the privilege to volunteer weekly in my community for several years. It helped to develop my kindness and compassion for others and myself. Because of this experience, I wish to offer you the same opportunity. Please review details and apply below.




Volunteer Service Contribution

Adults may contribute volunteer hours to cover all or part of their Course Fee.

  • 10 hours of service = quarter applicable Course Fee covered ($742.50 or 3 monthly installments of $247.50)

  • 20 hours of service = half applicable Course Fee covered ( $495 or 3 monthly installments of $165)

  • 30 hours of service = three-quarters applicable Course Fee covered ( $247.50 or 3 monthly installments of $82.50)

  • 40 hours of service = full applicable Course Fee covered

You get to choose the volunteer organization. It must be a local organization whose purpose is directly related to the relief of human suffering (e.g., a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, hospital, nursing home).

Here are some helpful resources for finding a volunteer opportunity:

New York City:

SF Bay Area:

Prior to starting service, you are first required approval by applying for volunteer service using the 'APPLY' button below. You must complete the volunteer hours prior to the starting date of the course. If you are currently a volunteer, these hours must be in addition to your current volunteer work. Volunteer hours must be confirmed by a volunteer organization supervisor in writing.


Information entered on this form is kept strictly confidential.


Full or partial scholarships are available upon application for those students who cannot pay the course fee or volunteer due to disability. For more information, email us here.