A Free Introductory Talk


in Mill Valley, CA

Vaastu architecture is a method of designing and building space to promote well-being. It comes from an ancient body of technical knowledge that can be applied to new modern homes, businesses, public monuments, and urban development projects.

Following the intrinsic principles of Vaastu, architecture is enhanced with positive resonance. The space contained by a Vaastu-compliant building resonates with life-supporting qualities. Inhabitants report experiencing an increase in joy, balance, resilience, fulfillment, fearlessness, abundance, affluence, and kindness, to name a few.

The ‘Vaastu effect’ is created by applying harmonic mathematical ratios and following specific building codes for site selection, orientation, and layout of doors, windows, walls, stairs, and rooms. Because we all live and work in and amongst buildings, Vaastu architecture gives us the ability to impact the well-being of humanity at large.

Vaastu home rendering
Vaastu floor plan Hunter Cressman
Hunter building a Vaastu structure
Vaastu house

After studying traditional Vaastu architecture for the last two years through the American University of Mayonic Science & Technology, Hunter Cressman will present this knowledge in NYC for the first time.

Come learn about the power of space and how architecture can be designed in a way to spiritually uplift its inhabitants with desirable qualities of well-being.

You’ll learn about the fundamental design principles of Vaastu, its influence in architecture around the world, its proper modern day application, and how you can get involved. It’ll be an evening you won’t want to miss.

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