Rest & Rejuvenate in Sonoma Valley

This is a great pause from day-to-day city life with good food, good company, and great discussions with Hunter. Vedic knowledge has given me a different perspective on the relationships I have both personally and in work.
— Will Mayo, Entrepreneur & CEO, New York, NY
I felt noticeably refreshed right away and ready to approach my marriage in particular with a renewed sense of love and expansion. Hunter’s practical tips about how to be with others and increase the quality of all my relationships have been extremely helpful.

I loved the intimate setting and small group. I also loved that we had time and space to ask Hunter questions. He created an environment in which I felt totally comfortable asking him anything, and this resulted in me learning so much more than I expected.
— Arden Martin, Educator, New York, NY

Rounding Day Retreat

Industrial-Strength Meditation + Ayurvedic Cooking


Sunday, September 17, 2017

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Glen Ellen, CA



  • Rounding, aka 'Industrial-Strength' Meditation
  • Knowledge Talks with Hunter
  • Healthy and delicious Ayurvedic Lunch and Tea
  • Swim time in the pool and walks in nature

$250 per person

Address: Private Residence in Glen Ellen, CA

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What is Rounding?

Rounding (aka Industrial Strength Meditation) is a systematic procedure derived from the Veda* that's designed to deeply purify the mind and body. This process consists of a specific sequence of easy yoga poses (asanas), balancing breath work (pranayama), meditation, and horizontal rest.

The simple elegance of the technique produces powerful results. Performing the proper progression with correct intention allows deep rooted stresses to release and brings the nervous system back into balance.

Effortless purification of the mind and body through Rounding can quickly bring you to a greater state of happiness, clarity and peace. It's easy to learn regardless of your physical fitness level and you can incorporate this advanced practice at home for enhanced benefits.

Photo by Gerald Forster

Hunter Cressman teaches Rounding with great attention to detail. Subtle refinements in your Rounding practice can make all the difference in your results.

Prerequisite: Vedic Meditation Course

*The Veda is the ancient source of the arts and sciences of meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Indian philosophy. This vast system of universal knowledge contains many practical applications to support a higher quality of living.



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