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Since taking the course, I’ve noticed myself being less reactive and actually look forward to meditating. It’s no longer a burden to find time to meditate.
— Allison, HR Professional
I have way less fatigue since learning with Hunter. I used to struggle getting up in the morning, but after only 4 days of practice I woke up refreshed at 6am without an alarm.
— Monica, Interactive Designer
Learning Vedic Meditation has given me a tool to relax, recharge and expand my creativity anytime, anywhere. Many inspiring ideas hit me while meditating.
— Grant, Film Director


Vedic Meditation is effortless, natural, and the benefits come quickly. You’ll learn what it takes to fit meditation into your life, receive in-person expert instruction, and get personal on-going support. It’s a simple change with a lifelong impact. 

Included is a lifetime of complimentary follow-up, which gives you access to:

  • Contact Hunter Cressman, your personal meditation teacher, directly with questions anytime.

  • Retake the group course an unlimited number of times.

  • Join weekly group meditations with Hunter or any of his colleagues worldwide.


In four 1–2 hours sessions, Hunter will teach you how to be a self-sufficient, daily meditator.

You’ll learn how to successfully meditate anywhere without an app, teacher, or sanctuary.

All four sessions are required since each day's curriculum builds on the previous day. The first session is taught one-on-one, and all following sessions are taught in small groups.



Learn the technique

1 hour / student


Meditation + the Mind

2 hour session


Meditation + the Body

2 hour session


Meditation + Consciousness

2 hour session


During the course, you will:

  • Receive a personalized mantra and learn how to use it correctly.

  • Have a simple and effective strategy to fit meditation into your busy schedule.

  • Understand what happens in the mind and body during meditation to release stress.

  • Learn how the benefits of meditation evolve for you over time.

Hunter will check your technique to refine it each day to ensure that you’re meditating correctly.

After the course, you’ll be ready to continue a successful daily practice on your own, and enjoy unlimited follow-up and complimentary group meditations worldwide.

During your private course, you also have the opportunity to discuss any personal life challenges to receive an insightful perspective that can help you navigate the challenge with greater ease and elegance. This insight can empower you to progress on the path of personal evolution towards fulfilling your greatest desires.

Private courses are subject to absolute client confidentiality.



Private Individual Course

  • At Hunter's home: $2,500

  • At your home or Hunter's studio rental (local city): $3,500

  • Hunter travels to you: $5,000 + travel expenses

Private Couple's Course

  • At Hunter's home: $3,500 / couple

  • At your home or Hunter's studio rental (local city): $4,500 / couple

  • Hunter travels to you: $6,000 / couple + travel expenses

Private Group Course (5 people minimum)

  • At Hunter's home: $990 / person

  • At your home or Hunter's studio rental (local city): $1090 / person

  • Hunter travels to you: $1,200 / person + travel expenses



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