Private Consulting

One-on-one time with Hunter

Hunter Cressman

When you're confronted with a challenge and need guidance, a Private Consultation with Hunter provides you with an insightful perspective to help you navigate the issue with more ease and elegance. As the designer of your own life experience, you can learn how to effectively resolve problems and how not to create them. 

Meeting one-on-one with Hunter can empower you to progress on the path of personal evolution towards fulfilling your greatest desires. It is also an opportunity to refine your personal meditation practice, discuss Vedic philosophy, or receive personal advice on Ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

Private Consultations are for anyone actively practicing Vedic Meditation. They can take place in person or by phone and are subject to absolute client confidentiality.

First appointments are 1 hour, and follow-up sessions can be scheduled for 15 minutes at a time.

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