Anthony / Madison Square Park

Anthony Demby / Summer 2013

Rain or shine, Anthony finds a way to meditate everyday. He'll even ask his friends to hold up while he sits on a bench to close his eyes for 20 minutes. "Your world is a reflection of how you treat yourself," he's found. "Treat yourself to meditation and the world naturally treats you better."

Ant learned to meditate 6 years ago and it has been a total game changer. He's been working in the music industry since '96 and it wasn't until he started meditating that he's been able to stay focused and grounded through the hustle of New York. He's able to slow down and clearly see what's working for him and what no longer serves him.

Three years ago Ant created Humble Riot, an artist management company and audible idea shop that helps brands find their sound. His clients include Soho House, Casio, Samsung and CBS among several non-profits and tech startups. He recently finished collaborating with Red Hot Organization on their latest album Red Hot + Fela as a tribute to Fela Kuti, which came out in October on Fela's 75th birthday.