Kate / East Village Garden

Kate McCollough / Summer 2013 

Kate is a very talented creative designer in New York. She manifests installations for fashion designers such as Chanel, Juicy Couture and Proenza Schouler. Meditation for Kate has been a great tool to clarify her ideas and organize her actions. 

When did you first learn to meditate and how did you learn?

KM: The first time I ever meditated was ten years ago in Tibet on top of a mountain - not a bad place to learn. My practice was pretty irregular until I learned Vedic Meditation a couple years ago. Since then I’ve really been able to make it a part of my everyday life as apposed to something I go in and out of, and now i’m addicted to it. It’s my health addiction.

Where do you meditate most often?

KM: When I meditate it's often on a stoop, sometimes in a church, sometimes it's in a cab. If I'm lucky it's on a friend's couch. New York definitely provides the riches tapestry of meditation locations because you’re always on the move here.

Is there anything you look for in a place to meditate?

KM: Just a nice humble little seat that gives me a flat surface and a back, that’s all I really need. In New York I'll pretty much take it where I can get it. 

What is your experience like during meditation? 

KM: It’s the experience of becoming closer to myself. Underneath all the shit and the stories that I tell myself, there’s this whole other entity and awareness and experience and I get closer to that and it just kind of resets me and reminds me of what’s important. I also have meditations where I map out my schedule for the day or where I can’t stop obsessing about how I need a haircut.

What changes have you noticed in your life since you started meditating everyday?

KM: Since meditating I’ve actually started taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. It's helped me listen to my body, my inner self, my heart - the parts of me I had been neglecting. So I’m a lot healthier and happier. I also feel a greater capacity for love in my relationships and the way that I interact with people, whether it be my family, my friends or the guy at the deli.