Recommended Reading

Through meditation I found answers before I even asked the question.
— Albert Einstein

Meditation gives us a direct experience of our inner essence, a state of Being. This subtlest form of awareness within becomes our primary source of insight for gaining knowledge.

While meditation is our tool for upgrading our 'hardware,' knowledge becomes our tool for upgrading our 'software.' We need both to up-level our whole mind-body system.

To fully develop our capability of cognizing knowledge, we seek to acquire deeper wisdom through master teachers and recorded texts. This provides us with a greater understanding of ourselves and the new experiences that arise as consciousness expands with twice daily meditation.

When we allow ourselves access to all three: our inner essence through meditation as well as knowledge from teachers and texts, we find balance in the process of realizing our full potential.

Applied knowledge empowers us to purify and upgrade our psychophysiology, while intellectual understanding of consciousness helps correct the part of our intellect that is mistaken about our true nature. With both, we can completely actualize and authentically embody the best version of ourselves.

Please enjoy these books to support your meditation practice. They can lend to a timeless, universal experience of accessing innate wisdom allowing you to remember what you already know.