In response to the 2016 Election


Please read this knowledge from my teacher Thom Knoles (Maharishi Vyasananda Saraswati) with my commentary in response to the current state of our country.


TK: "The world is for us as we can be for it."

HC: Give what you wish to receive. Be the change you wish to see. When we give time to our meditation practice, it gives back to us the energy, clarity, creativity and fulfillment we need to personally address the greatest need of our time. Leap into the unknown, lead with love and become radically inclusive.

TK: "Your own state of consciousness is all you know; to change the world, change your own state of consciousness. You cannot stop a collective from behaving in accordance with its state of consciousness. You, too, behave only in accordance with your own state of consciousness."

HC: Vedic meditation is an incredibly effective and effortless tool for each of us to upgrade our own state of consciousness on a daily basis. Do not underestimate the power of this technique when you practice everyday. When we meditate we are not only benefiting ourselves, but we are also raising the average state of collective consciousness. In this way, meditation is a form of selfless service, of Action hardly done to subtly, but significantly contribute to progressive change. Continue getting to the chair twice a day, if not for yourself, then for the world.

TK: "Your suffering is the result of your inaccurate expectations; it is not the responsibility of another."

HC: We must take personal responsibility for what we are experiencing. Blaming someone else for your own experience puts you in a tailspin of the ever-repeating known. To progress and transform we must learn the lessons in front of us and adjust our thinking to then take the next right action.

See things for what they are and stop ignoring what you know. Develop your ability to see what's coming with greater accuracy. To do this, we must follow that intuitive charm-like feeling arising within from meditation. Don't allow your intellect to drive your decision-making. When in doubt, meditate and see what comes to you afterwards.

TK: "Nothing new happened that did not exist already; it is a shame to be surprised when a walnut tree produces walnuts. Act accordingly."

HC: Continue expanding your awareness to see the full picture. We must transcend our limited perspectives through meditation (not media) and step outside of our bubbles to experience a larger view of the world. Only then can you see things for what they really are.

See major media for what it really is: a hypnotic tool to influence the behavior of the masses for profit. One day they tell you a walnut tree is producing walnuts, then next day they tell you the same walnut tree is now producing mangos. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric used to wash over and normalize bigotry.

TK: " "Leaders" are the mirror of the average state of collective consciousness; "leaders" are led by, and constrained by, a collective alone (there is no "leader" without enthusiastic followers)."

HC: The leader of any country is really a follower of the collective, a reflection of the people. We need to change the collective, not the leader. The change first begins with us taking personal responsibility for our own state of consciousness, then we can inspire others to do the same.

TK: "Raise the average; be personally exemplary of a higher consciousness state; until, personally, you lift the average, the collective behaves simply predictably. Don't expect "leaders" to lift a collective; that is grass-roots activity, it is your activity.

HC: Continue meditating everyday and spontaneously you become a great example of a higher consciousness state. The world needs more of this and you have the tool to do it. The few lead the many and as daily meditators we naturally come into playing this leadership role within our communities. By being your freshly-meditated-self, you will inspire friends, family and colleagues to also uplift their own state of consciousness. This is a grass-roots effort we can so easily and independent engage in everyday to make our world a better place.

TK: "These points are applicable universally; I prepared them to post, irrespective of which "leader" was elected, because about half of an entire country was going to agree to the hypnosis of social conditioning: "Be unhappy today". Snap out of it."

HC: Don't allow the world around you to inform what you are. True happiness is not dependent upon external circumstances. Allow your inner state of Being to inform what you are. Bliss is your baseline. Awaken unconditional fulfillment from within and Act from that place.



*Victory over Ignorance