Learn the Vedic Meditation Technique

Reduce Stress • Sleep Better • Focus Clearly • Feel Happier


Vedic Meditation is an ancient stress-relieving technique for modern life. Regular practice of this simple, effortless style of meditation diminishes stress stored in the body, reducing distracting thoughts and delivering numerous health benefits.

Some of the benefits include sustained wakeful energy, calm mental focus, greater resilience to stress, more creative problem solving, present moment awareness, and feeling fantastic for no reason. All this can be had while leading a demanding, fast-paced life. It’s an easy change with a huge, lifelong impact.

Take the four day Introductory Vedic Meditation Course with master-trained teacher Hunter Cressman to develop a self-sufficient daily practice you can look forward to and fit into your busy schedule. Hunter makes meditation approachable, relatable, practical, and fun to learn.

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Before learning with Hunter, I felt that the effects of meditation were inaccessible to me. In just 2 weeks of practicing Vedic meditation, I have experienced glimpses of transcendence in a way that I never did in over a year of a mindfulness practice. It has been liberating and exhilarating.
— Jenny, Producer, New York, NY
I have way less fatigue since taking the course with Hunter. After practicing for only 4 days I woke up at 6am without an alarm. I’ve struggled to wake up in the morning since I was a teen, so this came as a pleasant surprise to me.
— Monica, Interactive Designer, Los Angeles, CA