A Series of Six Urban Retreat Weekends

hosted by Hunter Cressman

Since Exploring the Veda, I see the world differently. I am floored by the depth and beauty of knowledge Thom reveals. Hunter is a wonderful host, answers questions with great understanding and depth, and the food he makes is AMAZING.
— Elissa Weinzimmer, Founder of Voice Body Connection
The retreat weekend is a great pause from day-to-day city life with good food, good company, and great Q&A with Hunter. Vedic knowledge has given me a different perspective on the relationships I have both personally and in work.
— Will Mayo, Entrepreneur & CEO
Learning Vedic knowledge has enriched my sense of self and in turn has helped me approach life’s demands with much more elegance and ease. I felt noticeably refreshed right away and ready to approach my marriage in particular with a renewed sense of love and expansion. Hunter’s practical tips about how to be with others and increase the quality of all my relationships have been extremely helpful.

Advanced training with Hunter is a totally unique and elevating experience. Not only does he serve as a patient, insightful guide as you explore deep knowledge together, but he also adds a personal touch to every aspect of the weekend. It’s easy to feel at home in Hunter’s beautiful Urban Ashram, and his homemade meals are nourishing in every way. Hunter is devoted to giving his students the fullest, most enriching experience possible.

I loved the intimate setting and small group. I also loved that we had time and space to ask Hunter questions after listening to each recording. He created an environment in which I felt totally comfortable asking him anything, related to the course or otherwise, and this resulted in me learning so much more than I expected. If I had to choose a favorite aspect of the course, it would be how open and receptive Hunter was to answering any and every question, and how much valuable knowledge he shared with us.
— Arden Martin, Educator
Exploring the Veda has helped me experience more self-awareness. I notice the quality of my relationships and how to approach them more gracefully. I feel not only physically, but mentally and spiritually nourished.

I love the interactive aspect of the retreat weekend, where Hunter has a Q&A after each recording so that our questions are addressed in a timely and dynamic manner. Hunter is there for you every step of the way — there is a special intimate quality to the format that Hunter executed especially well. I also enjoyed connecting with other meditators at different stages of their journeys and learning about their various perspectives.
— Kathy Chen, Advertising Executive

Photo by Gerald Forster

What is Exploring the Veda?

First and foremost, the Veda is the ancient source of the arts and sciences of meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Indian philosophy. This vast system of universal knowledge contains many practical applications to support a higher quality of living.

Exploring the Veda (ETV) is a series of six recorded seminars of advanced knowledge with preeminent master-teacher Thom Knoles. Thom is recognized as one of the world's foremost teachers of the Veda's true meaning and application. He delves deeply into the Veda and draws out pearls of wisdom that are nothing short of life-changing.

The knowledge learned during these seminars is designed to accelerate the expansion of your consciousness in waking life. We'll uncover the laws of nature through the beautiful language of Sanskrit. You'll learn how to attune your life with nature and uplift your wellbeing.

Prerequisite: Vedic Meditation Course or TM

How do the urban retreat weekends work?

Exploring the Veda, Parts 1 through 6, are each offered as a non-residential retreat weekend once a year at a private home. The series of six seminars are taken one at a time in sequential order.

If a seminar isn't offered at a particular time, it is possible to arrange home study, which is decided on a case-by-case basis. Group seminars are recommended and preferred.

The retreat weekends are organized and course material facilitated by Hunter Cressman. During the retreat, Hunter will share deeper insight into the recordings and prepare vegetarian lunch and tea for the group.

To enroll in the next retreat, please complete the registration form below.



Mill Valley, CA

Part 1: January 24 - 26, 2020

Friday, January 24, 6-9pm

Saturday, January 25, 9am-7pm

Sunday, January 26, 9am-4pm

Parts 2 - 6: TBA


Private Residence near downtown Mill Valley

Address given upon registration


  • Vegetarian meals and tea

  • Rounding instruction

  • A new advanced technique (for Part 1)

  • A morning home program in preparation for each day

Seminar fee:

$600 per group seminar

$800 per home study seminar

A reduced rate applies if you enroll for all 6 parts in advanced

Payment options: Venmo, Zelle Pay, check or cash

*Group weekend seminars are always preferred over home study. However, home study arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis for earlier parts of the series prior to joining a group seminar. If you would like to repeat a group seminar, you may do so for a discounted rate.


Information entered on this form is kept strictly confidential.