I’m here to help show you how you can thrive from a state of inner fulfillment rather than acting from stress and fear. As designers of our own life experience, Vedic Meditation effortlessly empowers us to construct a more fulfilling reality with greater clarity, creativity, and connection. This way we can more gracefully become the change we wish to see in the world without inadvertently causing more stress and conflict around us.
— Hunter Cressman

My Journey...

...into meditation began when I discovered Vedic Meditation as a college graduate in 2009 after moving to New York from California. Within 3 weeks of meditating, my insomnia was gone and anxiety diminished after years of stressful engineering school.

Meditation empowered me to build a new life in New York and thrive as an engineer in the city hustle without getting burned out. The daily technique provides me with the energy, clarity, creativity and inner happiness needed to elegantly balance a successful career with a vibrant social and family life.

After my first 5 years of daily meditation practice and advanced Vedic studies, I embarked on a 12 week teacher training program in the Himalayas of India, all under the guidance of world renown Vedic masters.

Shortly after graduating in 2014, I created The Modern Mind as a place to demystify and distill ancient knowledge and techniques in a practical, relatable way for our modern-minded community, all without losing the pure intent of the knowledge.

I’m passionate about teaching Vedic Meditation in service of spreading experiential wisdom that enables people to skillfully re-design a more authentic and fulfilling life from the inside out.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein

My Mission...

...is to show you how to awaken your full mental potential through Vedic Meditation. Naturally and effortlessly I can help you to become the best version of yourself so you can share your greatest gifts with the world in the most fulfilling way.

I'm here to offer you practical techniques and universal knowledge that comes from an ancient body of wisdom called the Veda. These services include high-grade training courses in Vedic Meditation, advanced Vedic knowledge studies, Ayurvedic lifestyle, personal consulting and retreats.

The curriculum is designed to show you how to self-sufficiently upgrade your own state of consciousness so you can naturally embody more energy, clarity, creativity and happiness everyday.

These services help develop your conscious leadership capabilities so you can be a more effective problem solver, innovate for the need of the time and create sustainable change both at home and at work, in your community and around the world.

Hunter Cressman created the The Modern Mind to bring the lifelong benefits of meditation and ancient knowledge to busy, modern people. As a master-trained expert, he is committed to making meditation approachable, relatable, practical, and fun to learn, while maintaining the integrity of the teaching. Since 2014, he has offered monthly meditation courses and events in the SF Bay Area and NYC.

Hunter is passionate about sharing practical knowledge that empowers people to design and build a life of purpose and service for the wellbeing of their community and the world. He consults with individuals as well as startups seeking to incorporate wellbeing into their mission, values, and programming. Projects have included WeGrow, the new conscious entrepreneurial school, and The Spring Meditation studio in NYC.

In addition to Vedic knowledge, Hunter brings years of experience as a mechanical engineer to the practice. Prior to teaching, he worked as a Process Engineer for the jewelry enterprise David Yurman. Currently, he’s studying the science of Vaastu design through the American University of Mayonic Science & Technology, and will begin sharing this unique method of architecture and design in 2019.